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Dear Families,

                      Over the last couple of years, we have all felt the impact of price increases on everything from food to energy costs. As we all know, the cost of living is set to increase dramatically in the coming months and this is a worry to us all.

If you are aware of any charities or organisations that can provide support or advice, please contact the school office with details. If we can gather information of services that we are unaware of, we can create a directory that can be shared across the whole school community.

Thank you to some of our local advisory board members who have already provided us with details of organisations.


Mrs A. Oliver

Head Teacher



See useful links received in relation to the above message.

  1. Details regarding the organisations who are supporting families and children at the moment with increases etc:
    1. Mindstars - - not only do these guys provide support around mental health and wellbeing but they’re also starting to create food parcels which families can access when they need a little extra help, drop in sessions just to chat and have a coffee, and more.  They have lots of resources online and people can follow them on Facebook too.  This is a nice resource that shows we’re all in the same boat!
    2. Clothe and feed - - this is a charity based in Newcastle which I think is truly amazing.  These guys provide toys, baby essentials, food parcels, clothes and more to families throughout the Northeast.  They also operate school charity clothes which I know we talked about.  Everything is free, no questions asked but it is a service that more and more families are using and also donating to as well.
    3. Newcastle United Foundation - - Newcastle United run a lot of community sessions for kids, especially during term times, as well as providing resources to support around mental health and wellbeing.  Their site is the best place to stay up to date and find out what is going on and when.
    4. Sunderland’s Foundation of Light has recently also featured on the news as they’re running a big campaign looking at supporting families with the increase in the cost of living through a number of initiatives.  Yes, not on the doorstep but it could be another one to add to the list: