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Key Skills Badges

In school we have 'Key Skills' badges. These badges can be earned for a number of skills ranging from tying your own shoelaces to volunteering to help someone less fortunate than yourself.

If your child would like to earn a badge, you may be able to help prove that they deserve it by sending a photo or a message detailing what they have done to get that badge to their class teacher.

We can't wait to see what children have done to get their badges!

The attached picture lists the range of skills and badges waiting to be taken home!



So that families don't feel overwhelmed by children asking to prove their key skills all at once, we have separated key skills into year groups (don't worry if you have provided evidence of something that isn't in your child's year group before today - they will still get that badge!)


Nursery - I can use the toilet myself & I can share

Reception - I can fasten my own coat & I can use a knife and fork 

Year 1 - I can recycle to help the planet & I know my own birthday & I can brush my own teeth

Year 2 - I know my own address & I can keep my area tidy & I can get dressed and undressed

Year 3 - I can cook basic food & I can tie my shoelaces 

Year 4 - I can swim & I can ride a bike & I can take care of another living thing

Year 5 - I can speak in public & I can read a map & I can manage my own time

Year 6 - I know the value of money & I know basic first aid & I can volunteer to help people less fortunate than myself