Year 5 - Home Learning

W/C 1.3.21- 

Tuesday hive code: 513705
Friday hive code: 848143
22/1/21- Virtual class assembly
Hello Year 5!
I hope you are all okay! We will be learning exactly the same things that we would be in class. There is a timetable that I have attached that we will all be following as best as we can and I will be uploading videos throughout the day to explain tasks, run through the learning with you and model answers. I know it can be tricky working from home but you are all amazing and I know you will try your best as we need to stay positive and keep our minds active! 
Please check the website daily as new content will be posted regularly but I will always make sure it is there ready for your learning before 9:00am that day. If you don't have a printer at home, don't worry at all you can just look at the document online and write down your answers/ complete the task on paper.
Remember to always upload your work onto class dojo when you are finished by taking a picture of each task and uploading this either to your portfolio or an adult can upload this onto messenger. Any questions, please feel free to contract me on class dojo! 
Sending my best wishes to you all.
Miss Ward :) 
29.1.21- Grammar 
Option 1- complete the sheets on verbs by clicking on this link-
Option 2-  Please access the following website:
Watch the video. complete the tasks and the worksheet. This is also on verbs!
29.1.21- Flash back 4. Please complete the 8 questions, which are all questions on past units. 
When finished, please go on maths shed or daily 10 to practise your times tables. It is so important that you keep practising these as our next unit is on multiplication and division so you will need to draw on your times table knowledge a lot!
Daily 10-
29.1.21- Music
For music, you will be completing lesson 2 of our unit on Livin' on a Prayer. Please use your username and password to login to Charanaga. There are step by step instructions about how to do this at the top of our class page and your login details were sent directly to parents on class dojo!
29.1.21- PE
Please access the youtube video below for your PE lesson today!
29.1.21- Enrichment- Spanish
Today you will be learning to count to 10! Please watch both of the videos below and access the document too!
28.1.21- Explanation of tasks - 4 videos
27.1.21- Explanation of tasks
27.1.21- Shared reading task- please read Chapter 6 by clicking on the link below. 
26.1.21- Explanation of task
26.1.21- Explanation of literacy task
26.1.21- Literacy answers
26.1.21- Flash back 4 answers
26.1.21- Maths answers- 5 parts
25.1.21- Explanation of tasks
Maths video link-
25.1.21- Demonstration of how you solve the first question on the worksheet. 
25.1.21- Maths answers
22.1.21- Explanation of tasks part 1
22.1.21- Explanation of tasks part 2
If you found the work in maths a little tricky yesterday, I would like you to do the flash back 4 like everyone else then instead of completing the challenge questions can you please run through the power point named 'Maths compound area' and complete the activity sheet called 'Area of compound shapes'- please complete the one star sheets (there are two in total) and once you have finished there are answers at the bottom of the document. 
The power point and sheet really break it down step by step, I hope this helps. If you are still struggling please do message and let me know and I will try to help. Remember area is the inside of the shape, you multiply length and width (for a rectangle), perimeter is the total length of sides (the outside of the shape), you add all of the sides together. Imagine it like a garden, the perimeter is the fence that runs all around it and the area is the grass inside of it. 
22.1.21- Grammar task 
Spanish video part 1
22.1.21- Spanish video part 2
22.1.21- Grammar answers
22.1.21- Maths answers flash back 4 part 1
22.1.21- Maths answers flash back 4 part 2
21.1.21- Explanation of tasks
21.1.21- maths video link
21.1.21- Maths answers videos. There are 3 parts, please watch all 3 parts!
20.1.21- Explanation of tasks- part 1
20.1.21- Explanation of tasks part 2
20.1.21- Explanation of tasks part 3