Year 3

Hello wonderful Year 3s,

We’ve been at home now for almost two weeks but it feels much longer, doesn’t it? The days are quite long when we have to spend almost all of them at home. It’s really hard for adults too so I hope you are helping out with little jobs at home and doing things to keep your grown-ups happy.

We have been trying to get out in our garden/ for walks as often as we can and this helps me to feel better- does it help you too? I’ve also been joining in with Joe Wicks’ PE lessons in the morning- I’m exhausted! Have you been joining in?

On our page, you’ll find lots of things to keep you busy. I’m sure lots of you have had a go. We are so proud of you for trying! Don’t worry about anything that’s a bit difficult come back to it another time or leave it for now J.

I’ve had a look on spelling shed! Wow! I’m impressed with those scores!


1st: Pupil 15

2nd: Pupil 21

3rd: Pupil 20

4th: Pupil 14

5th: Pupil 9

Keep up the hard work!!!!!!

Next week would be the official start of the Easter holidays- I’ve put some photos of little Disney drawing activities that some of you might enjoy! Whatever you might get up to- I hope you have lots of fun.

Miss you lots and can’t wait to see you soon!

Love from Mrs Smith, Mrs Ridley and Mrs Abbott x


Times Table Rock Stars:

I've signed you all up to timestable rockstars! It's like spelling shed but you will practise your timestables. It's great fun.

Your account name is Y3PUPIL followed by your initials (the letters that your first name and last name start with). Look for your name on the attached document below (TTRS Login Details) and find your username and password so that you can make a start! 

Please follow these steps to login:

1. Visit

2. Click the 'login' arrow and click 'school pupils'.

3. Type in our school 'Walbottle Village Primary School'

4. Type in your login details and you will be ready to go!



Hi Year Three,
How did your first week go? Was it a bit strange? Mine certainly was! But I had lots of fun spending time with my children, Thomas and Lucy and helping out in the lambing shed. I hope you got outside, as we had some lovely weather last week. Fingers crossed we have some more sunshine.
I've got some photos to share of some of our lambs. There is a photo of my daughter Lucy with our pet lambs, these are the lambs that we feed because their mummies can't. There is another photo of a mum who has had triplets and looking after them all well. I even managed to get a photo of a lamb doing some tricks too!
I've uploaded some more activities for you to have a try with. Remember not to worry too much or get too stressed, this is different for all of us. 
Take care and hope you and your families stay safe,
Love Mrs Ridley, Mrs Smith and Mrs Abbott

Hello lovely Year 3s

We are missing you so much!

I've attached some more activities for you to enjoy at home but I bet your adults are finding lots of fun things for you to do too. The whole country is pulling together to make sure there are lots of exciting, new and free things to do whilst we aren’t at school. Isn’t that fantastic?

You don't have to do everything. Just do a bit little and often and use the suggested timetable to help you fit things in. Don't worry about the things you're unsure of- we can catch up on all of that when we are back at school.

I hope you are all managing to get some fresh air. You can play in your garden if you have one and if not, you can still go out for some exercise with an adult once a day.

If you've been out of your house for a walk, have you spotted any rainbows in people's windows? People are putting them there to bring a smile to everyone's face. My little boy Alfie has made one (see photo!), maybe you could make one too? 

Stay safe and we will upload more activities on Tuesday next week.

Love from Mrs Smith, Mrs Ridley and Mrs Abbott x


Please see the information below regarding free online phonics lessons for your child. If possible, ask your child which teacher they normally have phonics with. Please note, this isn’t always the same as their class teacher.

Mrs Brown/ Mrs Conway/ Mrs Crompton: Reviewing Set 2 and beginning Set 3

Miss Baird: Reviewing Set 1/ Teaching Set 2

Mrs Cable: Reviewing Set 2 and beginning Set 3

Mrs Sample: Set 3

Nursery class: Set 1



I have added an activity linked to how to get a good night’s sleep and your health and well-being.

It is important to make sure you still keep a routine even if you’re at home. There is a power point to go through and some activities you could complete with an adult at home.


Best wishes


Mrs Ridley

PSHE Co-ordinator

If you would like to access the music lessons that we do in school, please look at the pdf I have posted on this page for log in details.
Have fun!
Mrs Sample
Music Coordinator
Pete Mckee, a cartoon artist, is doing weekly workshops for beginners. 
Have a look on the YouTube channel:
I hope lots of you have a go, we've got lots of super artists in year 3!