Year 2 - Home Learning

Maths- video and worksheet
Literacy- Write the next section of the story
Spellings- practise and test. 
Please go on spelling shed and maths shed. 
Maths- video and sheet 
Literacy- Writing the beginning to your own fairy tale- changing the characters. I have explained the task on the worksheet 
Afternoon- PE (only if children are feeling well enough) Do an exercise video on youtube!
Maths- video and sheet
Literacy- I have put the instructions on the second page and the original story map. The children need to change the characters- they will use this for this innovation. 
Shared reading- Two tasks. The children are really familiar with the story pumpkin soup. The focus page is at the top for them to look at if needed to answer the questions. 
Maths- equal groups- video and worksheet 
Literacy- finding examples of each feature within the model text.
Science- run through power point. Can you draw and label the life cycles of a frog, butterfly and human?
Literacy- Similes and alliteration - example on sheet. 
1) End of unit money assessment 
2 and 3) Multiplication and division assessments- we have not done this unit yet so this is to see how much they already know. 
AM- Phonics 
Literacy- The children have been learning the journey story Meerkat Mail. Yesterday, they made their changes on the story map. It is now time to start writing the new story. Today, can children write the opening to the story. This will be very similar to the original. Can they write a few sentences to write the beginning- where they explain how Sunny lives in the desert with his family but he is not sure whether this is the best home for him so he packs his suitcase and writes his family a letter. If they could try to use adjectives to describe the desert that would be amazing. 
Maths- Consolidation sheet no power point today everything on their sheet they have learnt over the last few days. 
Spellings test 
Geography- power point and worksheet I will upload at lunch time. 
Thursday 30th September
Phonics - Children can play on any of the phonics games 
Literacy- children are planning for their innovation. The children will be changing the story slightly as Sunny is going to travel to all the continents in the world to see if he can find a better home/habitat to live in. He currently lives in the Kalahari desert in Africa. Children need to draw a picture in the boxes to each setting he is going to visit (Antarctica, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia). They also might want to think about why Sunny wants to leave each continent e.g. It's too cold!
Maths-  power point, video and worksheet 
 Pe - video 
music- If children want to practise singing the continents song and oceans song
Tuesday 28th September
Phonics - Children can play on any of the phonics games 
Literacy- grammar power point and sheet
Maths-  power point and worksheet 
 PSHE and reading
Monday 27th September
Phonics - Children can play on any of the phonics games 
Literacy- power point (last slide explains task) and worksheet - postcard. 
Maths- video, power point and worksheet 
 computing worksheet and handwriting (just do first 2 sheets). 
Friday 23rd September
Phonics - Children can play on any of the phonics games 
Literacy- worksheet
Maths- video, power point and worksheet 
Afternoon- can children play on spelling shed as they would normally have their spelling test in school. You can test you child on their spellings if you wish 
Choosing- If children would like to read, be creative, write, play on maths games (maths shed to practise times tables or number bonds). 
Summer Term Art Project
Take a look at the gallery section of the website to see our collages!
Summer Term 1 2021
Welcome back Year 2!
Please find below your homework for this half term and your curriculum booklet. I will send paper copies home too. Any questions, please send me a message on Class Dojo. If you have lost your log-in details, let me know and I will send them home.
Mrs Sample :-)
Wednesday, 23rd March
On Friday, please send your child in PE kit suitable for being outside as (weather permitting) we will be taking part in a cricket session with the Northumberland Cricket Board.
Tuesday, 16th March
Good morning!

Just a reminder to all school parents that if you need to speak to teachers you can phone or send a message on Dojo. Unfortunately we can't have conversations in the yard so that social distancing is not compromised.

Thank you for your understanding.
Friday, 15th January
Good morning!
All work for Year 2 can now be found on Dojo.
Dojo can be accessed via app, on a PC or laptop.
If you loose your password at anytime, please e-mail school and I will re-issue it.
Children without access to remote learning via the internet have been provided with paper packs so all children are doing the same work in line with the Year 2 curriculum.
Keyworker children in school will also receive the same work.
Have a fantastic day!
Mrs Sample
From next week (WB 18.1.21), Year 2 will revert to their music lessons on the 'Charanga' website. I have attached a document to explain how to access this. I will be sending an individual log-in to each pupil via Dojo message.
This is the schedule for CBBC's Lockdown Learning this week.

Although I have supplied a timetable of lessons, it is up to you as a family to decide when your child does their 3 hours of remote learning from school (the government guidance is 3 hours per day).

If you are working from home the CBBC Lockdown Learning may be useful to occupy children while parents attend to their work commitments.
Friday, 8th January
We have learned that on-line learning can be accessed by using PlayStation and Xbox consoles. 
Our class pages (on Dojo and the school website) can also be reached using any device that has a web browser such as smart phones and PCs.
Thursday, 7th January
If you want to use books from the Oxford Owl e-library, the log in details are:
username: wvpsyear2
password: WV2020
My guide to extending learning and challenge (I've finished! What to do next.) is now on our class page if you need it.
Have a lovely day!
Mrs Sample
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