Year 2

Thursday, 2nd April
Hi Year 2!
I have been looking at some lovely Easter crafts to do over the holiday period. If you want some Easter craft ideas, take a look at the links in the document below.
I hope you are enjoying doing the activities I put on here to keep you busy. Remember though, if you find something too tricky, don't worry about it and try again later or just leave it!
I hope that you are all well and I will put another message on here again soon.
Take care!
Love from Mrs Sample :-)
Tuesday, 31st March
Hi Year 2!
Did you see the snow and hail on Sunday where you live?! That was a surprise after all of the warm weather that we had last week!
I wonder what you have all been doing at home?
Robbie made a rainbow to put in our window for other children having walks to see. Have you made a rainbow?
When we went for a walk in the woods we heard a woodpecker (Can you find out what a woodpecker looks like?) and saw a squirrel scuttling up a tree! We also saw lots of nests.
I have attached some more activities for you to do this week. I am looking forward to doing some of the art activities (making aliens!). 
I will send you another message on Thursday!
Love from Mrs Sample :-) 

Please see the information below regarding free online phonics lessons for your child. If possible, ask your child which teacher they normally have phonics with. Please note, this isn’t always the same as their class teacher.

Mrs Brown/ Mrs Conway/ Mrs Crompton: Reviewing Set 2 and beginning Set 3

Miss Baird: Reviewing Set 1/ Teaching Set 2

Mrs Cable: Reviewing Set 2 and beginning Set 3

Mrs Sample: Set 3

Nursery class: Set 1



If you would like to access the music lessons that we do in school, please look at the pdf I have posted on this page for log in details.
Have fun!
Mrs Sample
Music Coordinator