Year 1 - Home Learning

Monday, 28th March

If you are off school with COVID but are well enough to do some work:

1. Find words that contain split digraphs
2. Write down 2-digit numbers and show them as tens and ones.
3. Map a story map of 'Where the Wild Things Are' but change the Wild Things to aliens.
4. Write some facts you remember about Grace Darling.
5. Try any of the worksheets below
Tuesday, 29th March

If you are off school with COVID but are well enough to do some work:

1. Find words that contain 'igh'
2. Practise making and learning number bonds to 10 or 20
3. Draw some aliens for your 'Where the Wild Aliens Are' story. What would they say? Make speech bubbles.
4. Draw or make a lighthouse and / or Grace Darling in her boat.
5. Try any of the worksheets below
Friday, 25tth March
If your child is off school with COVID but is well enough to do some work, I will put some activities on here for them to do.

If your child is poorly, do not feel obligated to do them, I will help your child to catch up when they are better.

Get well soon!
Week commencing 1st March 2021
This week you will see that I have set the children a range of revision style activity sheets for each subject to bring to an end the remote learning.  We are so excited to see you all next week and get back to lessons in our classroom.
This Thursday 4th March is World Book Day. We will be off timetable and the children can work through the activities provided for this day. It would be lovely for the children to read some of their favourite books and have some fun with our key text 'Not now, Bernard' by David McKee. There is information below about World Book Day and if you have any questions please get in touch. I will continue to keep in touch daily via Class Dojo, so please do keep those messages and photos coming. 
7 more sleeps until we can be reunited as our little Year 1 family, we can't wait to see you all!
Mrs Crompton and Miss Baird :)
Literacy tasks below
Numeracy tasks below
Reading tasks below
Afternoon tasks for each day below
World Book Day 4th March
Please see activities below. There is also a link to listen to the story.
Thursday, 4th March is World Book Day!
We will be reading Not now, Bernard by David McKee and will do activities linked to this book. Year 1 will be making things during the day so if you could keep any recyclable pots for junk modelling that would be excellent. Also, the children will need some selotape to help them assemble their model. 
On World Book Day, we would love it if you can dress up as your favourite character or wear your favourite pyjamas! You can then send any photographs of you dressed up and reading a book. We will use all photos in an online school assembly to celebrate what we did.
As in previous years, all children will receive a free £1 book token. This will be handed out once we return to school.
Monday 22nd February 2021
Hello everyone, I hope that you've all had a lovely half term break and have managed to have a rest and recharge your batteries. 
I have uploaded the work for this week (see below). The work is in sections based on the subject, but be careful to check the date as the computer has automatically uploaded them into a new order rather than by date. 
As always, if I can help you with anything please send me a message via ClassDojo and I will do my best to help you. 
Mrs Crompton :)
Literacy help PowerPoints
I have added some PowerPoints below to help with literacy tasks this week and refresh what we have learned for the children.
Afternoon activities
Numeracy tasks below for 8-12th February.
Reading tasks below for 8-12th February.
Literacy tasks below for 8-12th February
Foundation subjects / afternoon tasks for 8-12th February
Afternoon tasks are below for 8-12th February.
Please find the logins for Oxford Owl Year 1 school account and the link below will take you to the site.
Year 1:
username: wvpsyear1
password: WV2020
This will give you access to lots of age related books for the children to read. Head to the E-library for lots of choice.
Literacy work below for 1-5th February 2021
Numeracy work below for 1-5th February
Reading activities below for 1-5th February
Foundation subjects / afternoon activities below for 1-5th February
Numeracy work below for week commencing 25.1.21
Literacy work below for week commencing 25.1.21
Reading below for week commencing 25.1.21
Please find the maths work below for week commencing 18.1.21
Please find the literacy work below for week commencing 18.1.21.
Work for foundation subjects (afternoon tasks) for week commencing 18.1.21 below
Please find reading activities for week commencing 18.1.21 below:
Hi everyone,

Just a message to say well done to you all (both children and parents) for of all your hard work this week. I know it can't be easy homeschooling but you're all doing a fantastic job.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Crompton
 If your child completes the work that has been set for them and they would like to do some extra work, then they could practice their maths skills to gain their badges. I can test them when we return to school and they will receive a certificate and their badge.
RED - number bonds to 10 e.g different ways to make 10
0 and10
1 and 9
2 and 8 etc
BLUE –number bonds to 20 e.g different ways to make 20
0 and 20
1 and 19
2 and18 etc.

GREEN – x2, x5, x10 times tables and division facts
BRONZE – x3, x4, x8 times tables and division facts

Thank you
Mrs Crompton
Please find below the work for Monday 11th - Friday 15th January 
If you have any questions please feel free to message me via Class DOJO and I will get back to you. 
Your learning objective this week is to count to and across 100, forwards and backwards, beginning with 0 or 1 or from any given number
I am providing you with a 100 number square for you to use only if you get stuck and want to familiarise yourself with the correct way to write the numbers. 
You are all so good at counting forward so the challenge is now to count backwards and use your knowledge of place value to help you find missing numbers too. 
In school we would be learning to write a set of instructions this half term. This unit is linked to 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr. 
Monday 11th January
Listen to the story of 'The Tiger who Came to Tea' using this link. You may need to listen to it a few times to take in all of the detail. 
Record your answers to the following questions:
  1. How would you feel if a tiger came to your door and asked to come in for tea?
  2. What would you do?
  3. Do you think that your Mummy or Daddy would let the tiger in?
  4. Would you let the tiger eat all the food and drink all the drink?
  5. Do you think the tiger a good guest?
Tuesday 12th January 
Our aim over the next two weeks is to accurately write a set of instructions to make a sandwich for the tiger.
This is a non-fiction unit, this means that it is informative and factual rather than a story. 
Today, I would like you to have a look at the PowerPoint below which is a set of instructions to make a jam sandwich. 
Once you have familiarised yourself with the instructions, I would like you to read the 'numbered steps' activity sheet and complete the instructions by drawing a picture for each one. There are some pictures at the bottom of the sheet to help you with ideas if you would like to use them.
Wednesday 13th January 
We need to know the key features to include when writing a set of instructions. One of the main features are time conjunctions and this is the focus of today's activity. 
Time conjunctions
Time conjunctions are a form of connective that occur either at the beginning or inside a sentence. They are used to connect a sentence to a particular time-change.
For example:
First, get two slices of bread.
See the activity below for today. 
Thursday 14th January - Following a set of instructions

What is the importance of using numbered steps?

What would happen if the instructions weren’t in the correct order?

 Follow a set of instructions to make a sandwich see PowerPoint below

Today I would like you to follow the instructions to make a jam sandwich for a tiger. You can work with other people in your house to help you. 

You could take photographs if you like.


Friday 15th January

Today I would like you to evaluate how well it went yesterday when you made your sandwich. I would like you to write a sentence for each of the questions below. Remember to say out loud what you would like to write, sound out each word. Make sure you include capital letters and full stops. 

Did you manage to follow the instructions easily?

Were you successful in making a sandwich?

What went well?

Would you change anything?

Foundation subjects
Each afternoon there will be a reading activity and another activity for your child to complete. 
Monday - Science
Tuesday - Geography
Wednesday - Music 
Thursday - P.E
Friday - PSHE 
There will also be a reading activity linked to a story. 
Science - Monday 11th January
This term we are learning about materials. Follow the PowerPoint to find out about different materials and then complete the activity sheets provided. There are some vocabulary cards for you to practice reading and they will help you spell the words too. 
Geography - Our local area - Tuesday 12th January
What is our local area called?
What do you know about our local area?
Allow children to offer opinions on their likes/dislikes about the local area. Highlight any connections to other places/towns/cities connected with their experiences.
You will need access to Google maps for today's activity. 
Follow the PowerPoint and complete the activity to find places in the local area. 
Wednesday 13th January - Music 
Enjoy this fun activity that uses body percussion to make the sounds of rain and a storm. Use your hands to rub, clap and pat to make the sounds. It is a great sound and listening activity. Maybe you could record it and send it via Class Dojo if you would like to?
Thursday 14th January - P.E 
You can do a workout of your choice today. I would recommend Joe Wicks' Kids Beginners workout - The Body coach which is on Youtube.
If you would rather, you could go for a run, ride your bike or scooter or practice some ball skills outside
Friday 15th January - PSHE - Getting on and falling out

Walt: Explain what being a good friend means to me

Think about the qualities of a friend and share these with someone else.

Some I thought about were:

  •         Being trustworthy
  •         Someone you like spending time with
  •         Someone who will help you out
  •         Cheer you up when you're sad
Once you have made a list of the qualities you would look for in a friend, I would like to you to make a 'Wanted Poster' for that friend.

What qualities they have and what they might like to do?

I have included a template to give you an idea of how you could set it out but you do not have to use it. It is your work and your ideas are perfect. 

Reading 11-15 January
This week the children will have an activity each afternoon linked to the story of 'Elmer' by David McKee.

Follow the link to listen to the story of Elmer. You may wish to listen to it a couple of times to take in all of the detail.

Tuesday 12.1.21
Elmer thinking activity
When Elmer goes off on his own he presumes the other elephants don't really like him but he is wrong. Complete the thinking activity by sorting the statements into what Elmer thinks and what the other elephants think.

Wednesday 13th January- Reading - Elmer


Today, I would like you to retell the story of Elmer to another person. Can you remember all of the key details? You could record yourself doing this if you would like to.

Thursday 14th January - Reading- Elmer
Fiction or non-fiction

Fiction is made up, you need to use your imagination when you are writing it. Types of fiction include plays, stories and poems.

There are many different types of non-fiction writing, such as newspapers, adverts, brochures, reference books and biographies. A non-fiction book is about facts. You can't just make it up.

Today, I would like you to complete the activity below by reading the sentences and colouring them depending on whether they are fiction or non-fiction. 

Friday 15.1.21 - Reading-Elmer


Create a story map to tell the story of Elmer to others.
Have a look at the example below to help you if you need any ideas.
7.1.21 and 8.1.21
Below are the activities to complete today and tomorrow. 
I would like you to write about a day that you enjoyed in the holidays. It might have been Christmas day, or maybe Christmas Eve. If you don't celebrate Christmas perhaps you had a different day that you would like to write about. When you write your sentences make sure that you use capital letters and full stops so that they make sense. This piece of work should take around 2 hours so please take your time and spread your work out across both days. Don't forget to say aloud what you would like to write before you write it.
I have attached some festive lined paper if you would like to use it.
Phonics Activity Mats
There are 6 activity mats below for you to work through at your own pace. 
The link also provides you with videos to help learn phonics. I would recommend Set 3 sounds but if your child finds these too tricky then revisit Set 2 sounds and move on to Set 3 when they feel comfortable.
Addition within 20
Complete the problems by finding the missing numbers. Take the first number away from the answer to find the missing number. 
Reading 7.1.21
Please read the story 'The zoo vet' and answer the comprehension style questions. 
Missing number subtraction within 20
Follow the example to help you take the right steps to solve the problem.
To solve these problems you will need to work backwards:
1. Find the answer on the number line
2. Add the number which has been taken away 
3. You should land on the missing number which is the answer to the problem 
Reading 8.1.21
Watch the PowerPoint which contains a story and some questions linked to it. There are lots of questions to get you thinking, talk your answers through with your families.
Videos below for last week of term week commencing 8.2.21