Update - Sept 10/07

10th July 2020

10th July 2020

Dear Families,

I am delighted to be in a position to finally let you know our plans for full re-opening in September.

All children in all year groups will be welcomed back to school full time from September. The autumn term will begin for year’s 1 to 6 on Tuesday 8th and for nursery and reception on 9th (separate information about transition for these year groups attached for those it applies to).

We will continue to have staggered start and finish times in order to reduce the number of children coming into school at one time. In order to make this as easy as possible for parents, this will be done by surname rather than year group as we recognise that many of you have children in multiple year groups. Start and finish times will be as follows:-

Children whose surname begins with letters A-K:  8.45am - 2.45pm

Children whose surname begins with letters L-Z:   9am – 3pm

If you have children with different surnames meaning they fall into both groups, Miss Hughes will be in touch with you over the coming days to agree the group they will be in.

Your child/children will be in a year group bubble. Playtimes and lunchtimes will be staggered so that year group bubbles do not come into contact with other bubbles. Because of this, we will not be running breakfast club and after school clubs for now.

Existing safety measures will remain in place such as;

  • Hand sanitisers in every classroom and around school
  • No visitors onto site without appointment
  • Regular timetabled hand washing
  • Personalised packs for children in year’s 1-6 so that resources needed for learning aren’t shared
  • Regular cleaning throughout the day
  • Children /staff who develop symptoms to be isolated immediately and sent home and tested
  • Social distancing wherever possible

All of our risk assessments and protocols have been updated in preparation for September and will be available to view on our school website by next Wednesday. They are all compliant with government guidance.

There is an expectation that all children return to school from September. It has been optional up until this point. Children should also return wearing their full school uniform. Please contact the school office if you are interested in some of our donated uniform. We appreciate that some of you may feel apprehensive about your child’s return to school. We have had many children attending regularly and our partial return has been a success. If you still have any questions or concerns about our return after reading the information on our website, please do not hesitate to contact the office and we will do our best to address these.

When you return in September, there will be a new one way system in place for drop off and collection. There will be new signage to direct you and all of the staff will be on hand to help too. As is the current arrangement, children will be passed over from the designated parent’s area. This will take longer so our gates will be open 5 minutes before your child’s start time and collection time so we can filter people through.

I would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding throughout this challenging time. Next year will see a different way of working and your continued understanding will be greatly appreciated. There is no one tried and tested method for us to use and we will need to reflect upon, evaluate and adjust our procedures as we move forward I’m sure.

Finally I would like to thank my amazing team. They have been incredible throughout all of this, balancing teaching in the midst of a pandemic, preparing remote learning and working from home whilst juggling their own family lives. They have stepped up to every new challenge without question and worked through weekends and holidays to make the best of this very different situation. I am pleased that the government recognise that they are now ready for and worthy of their summer break.

I hope you all have a wonderful (albeit different) summer and look forward to seeing each and every one of you in September.

With love and very best wishes

Mrs Oliver

Stay safe!