Secondhand Smoke

20th March 2018

Over 1 in 10 North East children are being exposed to toxic secondhand smoke in the home and 1 in 3 children admitted to hospital for asthma have been exposed to secondhand smoke. The relaunched Secondhand Smoke is Poison campaign by Fresh supported by the British Lung Foundation, warns that the only way to protect your family is to take it outside. Smoking in the home exposes not just smokers, but also family members including children to harmful levels of toxic chemicals such as carbon monoxide, benzene and cyanide, which creep from room to room and can linger for up to five hours. Children breathe faster than adults so inhale more of the poisons. Children exposed to second-hand smoke are more at risk of coughs, colds, ear problems, and chest infections. For tips on keeping a smokefree home or for advice about ways to quit, visit: