Safeguarding statement

Safeguarding Statement

The desgianted people for safegaurading your children are Mrs Nelson-Taylor, Mrs Oliver and Mrs Eatock. They can be contacted on 2675320

The governors and staff of Walbottle Village Primary School are committed to ensuring the highest levels of practice in safeguarding the children of the school.  We recognise that safety is paramount and we constantly monitor and review what happens at school to ensure that everyone takes responsibility for safety and that as a result the children are safe.

In order to safeguard children we have three main strategies:

1. Policy
2. Practice
3. School Culture

1. We have clear policies, accessible to all that cover all aspects of safety.  They are:

• Child Protection Policy
• Health and Safety Policy
• Internet Usage Policy
• Intimate Care Policy
• Medicines in School Policy
• Behaviour Policy
• Anti- Bullying Policy
• First Aid Policy
• Whistle Blowing Policy
• Sex and Relationships Education Policy
• Safer Recruitment Policy

2. We have safe practices, to ensure that children are safe:

• CRB checks on all staff, governors and regular volunteers
• List 99 checks on adults on trips
• Training and Qualifications in safety
• Restricted access to the building
• Clear reporting and record keeping procedures
• The teaching of safety throughout our curriculum and a strong emphasis on communication skills and self – esteem.
• Clear risk assessments
• Managed approach to health and safety
• Monitoring processes by the Governing Body
• Recording and monitoring accidents

3. We have positive attitudes towards safety and a culture that promotes respect for all.

• Good relationships between staff and children
• Good relationships between staff and parents
• A commitment to early intervention and to supporting families in need
• Safety as a first priority in everything we do
• A listening culture that encourages children to tell
• A sensitive culture that ensures that children are empowered to tell
• A culture that ensures that everyone takes responsibility for safety

Through this approach we believe that we are able to put the safety of children first.  These policies and practices are regularly reviewed and we would welcome any comments from school users or parents, pupils or carers.