Residential Feedback

19th July 2021
We are happy to share the below email from Dukeshouse Wood RE our recent Year 6 Residential 

Dear Mrs Oliver,

I have just watched 20 or so tired but happy young people (and a couple not so young!) board their coach for the short hop back to Newcastle.

Unfortunately, the nature of my role means I usually contact a school’s management team when a group’s behaviour has been less than ideal.

However; in this instance I wanted to take the time to contact you personally to congratulate your young people, the accompanying staff and ultimately the wider school for one of the most pleasant trips I’ve witnessed here at Dukes’.

The young people have genuinely pushed themselves in some surprisingly pleasant Northumbrian weather. They have displayed and developed confidence, resilience and above all empathy throughout their stay.

It has been fantastic to witness these youngsters instinctively and without prompting openly demonstrating the School’s values of mutual respect and tolerance. As an outdoor educator of many years, to watch their self-esteem blossom during such a short visit continues to amaze and inspire me.  

After the 18 months they (and countless others) have endured it was refreshing to see that they had retained such well-developed social skills. Due I’m sure, in no small part to you and your team. Whilst society hasn’t exactly broken down, one’s mind does wander to ‘The Lord of the Flies’ some days!

Miss McDowell and Miss Ryan have without question thrown themselves into the young people’s experience, working closely with various Dukes’ departments to ensure the best possible outcomes for your pupils. I hope they are both committed to returning with next year’s cohort as we will welcome them back without hesitation.

Please feel free to pass on my thoughts as you see fit.

Enjoy the weekend,

Kind regards,