Paste Egg Competition

26th March 2021

We will be accepting entries for our paste egg competition on Thursday 1st April. Your child needs to be able to carry their design into school themselves so please keep this in mind when thinking of possible designs. Your child will carry their egg to an area in the classroom where all creations can be viewed from afar. They will then bring it back home at the end of the day. Sainsbury’s Throckley have kindly donated prizes for the competition and I will be looking at online entries and popping into classrooms when the children are outside to choose the winning entries.

We always love the entries where it is clear that the children have put a lot of effort in themselves. If getting involved is all too tempting and you would like to create your own design, we are accepting parent entries too. If you would like to enter, please take a photograph and submit your entry to the school email address above by 9am on 1st April.

If your child is isolating and would like to enter, please send a photograph of their design in to the school email address by 9am on 1st April.