This Years Charity!

13th September 2019
Our chosen charity this year is Spinal Muscular Atrophy UK.

In May this year, Mrs Tanner’s family received the devastating news that her grandson Freddie has SMA Type 2.

Freddie cannot support his body weight like other children and will need ongoing physiotherapy and aids such as wheelchairs and supports.

Thankfully the charity has been working tirelessly over the years to develop drugs which can be used to treat the condition and prevent further deterioration. It has been agreed that Freddie will be one of the first sufferers to receive a newly licenced drug, Sprinraza (the first of its kind).

Freddie desperately needs a Whixxy Bug motorised wheelchair from the charity. These cost an incredible £2000!!

Most of our fundraising this year will be in support of this charity. We would like to aim to raise enough money for the charity to purchase a Whizzy Bug.

We will let you know of our plans for fundraising events as we move through the term.
You can find more information about SMA and the charity through the link below:-

There is also a facebook page dedicated to Freddie and his journey:-