Half Term COVID Notification Form

28th May 2021

Dear Families,

Although we are closed over May half term, we will need to be notified if your child develops COVID symptoms and goes on to test positive for the virus. This is so that we can notify any close contacts. If your child is identified as a close contact of a child who has tested positive, you will be notified by text message during the half term break.

If your child develops symptoms up to the point of 2.45pm on Sunday 30th May (which is within 48 hours of contact with other pupils) and has been in school this week, please complete the COVID NOTIFICATION FORM on our school website and email a copy to covid@walbottlevillage.newcastle.sch.uk. We will use this information to identify any close contacts that your child has had. You must notify us immediately if your child develops symptoms (even if they are yet to have a test) as this email address will not be viewed after Sunday 30th May - unless we receive a completed Covid notification form.

If your child develops symptoms after 2.45pm on Sunday 30th May, you do not need to make contact with school over the break as it will be more than 48 hours since your child was last in school. In this instance, we would ask you to follow the government guidance of getting a test and isolating until your result. Please contact the school office via telephone on Monday 7th June if they are not going to return to school at the start of term.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best Wishes

Mrs A. Oliver



Full Name of Child:

Date of Birth:

Year Group:

First Date of Symptoms:

Date Positive Test Result Received or time and date of booked test:

Contact Number:

Please send to – COVID@walbottlevillage.newcastle.sch.uk