Monday 18th January
Good Morning Nursery! 
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend!
Below is your home learning for this week (18th-22nd January). Click on: Nursery Home Learning 18th-22nd January first and read through the pages for an overview of the activities. I have included hyperlinks for the resources within the overview, as well as attaching them separately below this.
There are literacy and maths activities for each day and you can access the daily phonics sessions (Set 1 speed sounds) by clicking the link within the overview document (Page 1). Additionally, there are lots more activities for you to choose from throughout the week as well as some links to websites you may like. Remember to make lots of time for play and being active, both indoors and outdoors. Don't feel that you have to do all of these activities, whatever works best for your family is absolutely fine and as I have mentioned already, those every-day experiences are a big part of your learning journey. I know lots of you have your own ideas too, it's important to follow your own interests! You are all little chatterboxes in nursery (I'm sure our new nursery friends are too!) so keep chatting, sharing stories and learning new rhymes; this is great for  developing our vocabulary. Please share some of the things you've been doing on Tapestry, this doesn't have to be something from your learning pack, it could be anything at all; Miss Elliott and I really miss you, so it's a lovely way for us to keep in touch. 
Take care and have a fantastic week! 
Mrs Grey
Week 3 Home Learning 18th-22nd January
Please click on Nursery Home Learning: Week 3 for an overview of activities. There are hyperlinks within the document for resources needed and I have also included these as individual links below. I will leave all previous home learning, letters and website links on the page, for future access. Every Monday, as the new learning pack is uploaded, this will be positioned at the top of the page, along with a note- so if you're looking for previous resources/ information scroll down to view.
Please see below for a guide to using Tapestry.
Hello Nursery!
I hope you and your families are all well! 
Thank you for sharing your home learning activities on Tapestry, it's so lovely to see what you have been doing and how you're getting along at home. I have been busy preparing your learning packs for next week and I came across a song on YouTube, this made me smile as it reminded me of you all. Lots of you (and your friends in Reception class) love singing along to this. I have included the link below. 
Stay safe everyone!
Mrs Grey
National Marine Aquarium are offering home learning sessions. Click on the link below, then on the learning section. There is an early years section as well as others,  which may be beneficial for siblings. 
Good Morning, Nursery Superstars!
It has been lovely to see some of the things you've been doing on Tapestry, thank you for sharing this with us. We're really missing you all and looking forward to meeting our new starters too! I hope you can remember our morning song: 'Hello Friends' , so we can welcome our new friends when we are back. I know lots of you like pretending to be the teacher and singing this song whilst sitting on my chair (maybe you could be the teacher at home and sing or tell a story to your teddies). 
We hope you're enjoying your activities for this week, as well as some of your own too.
I have added a few extra links below for you. 
Take care everyone! 
Mrs Grey and Miss Elliott
Hello Nursery families!      
Below, I have included your home learning to begin on Monday. There are literacy and mathematical based activities for each day, as well as lots of activities across other areas of learning. If you click on Monday 11th January first, you will find the outline of activities and links to open resources. I have also included resources separately underneath Monday 11th January so you can access from there too. I have included the focus story in different formats and will also upload a video of me reading this, so just choose whichever works best for you.
In my letter from 7th of January (see above), I have outlined how home learning will look over the coming weeks (weekly  paper/ online learning pack) and mentioned that learning is not restricted to these packs. Lots of play time and everyday experiences are extremely important and will contribute immensely to your child's individual learning journey. 
We would love to see how you are all getting on a home- you can upload anything you would like to share with us to Tapestry.
Take care and stay safe everyone!
Mrs Grey 
Home Learning W/C Monday 11th January
Please see below for learning and resources. 
Below are some links to some more online resources, which you may find useful.
06.01.21                                         Hello Nursery! 
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families!
We were really looking forward to seeing you all again and also welcoming our new friends but, for now, we
hope you will enjoy sharing activities at home with your families. If you would like to show us anything you're doing at home, you could ask your grown- up to share this on Tapestry. 
Home Learning
Miss Elliott and I will be preparing paper based activity packs for the coming weeks, alongside  our online content. We will keep this the same to ensure consistency and children who are attending school will be working with the same content. I will also add links and videos for you to access. 
We appreciate there may be barriers to accessing some content (e.g. no printing facilities) so paper packs will be available for all children. Details for collection of packs will follow. 
Below are a few activities for the next few days. There's no need to print anything as you can just complete on plain paper. For phonics, we would have been starting: Set 1 sounds from RWI, so I will send a link to this as well as some phonics activities. 
Take care and stay safe everyone! 
Mrs Grey and Miss Elliott 
Welcome to our Nursery class page!
It has been lovely getting to know you all and seeing you beginning to make your own special friendships. 
Miss Elliott and I are so impressed by how you've all settled in, your parents must be really proud of their little superstars! 
 Love Mrs Grey and Miss Elliott xx
If your child is at home self-isolating please refer to the following list in order to support their learning or use the learning booklets below:
At the start of the school year, we usually invite parents of children in Nursery and Reception into school for a phonics workshop. The aim of these workshops is to teach parents about the phonics scheme we use in school so learning can be supported at home. 
As we are unable to have parents in school at this time, we have put together some information and online resources in place of the workshop which can be found below.