22/02 - Update

22nd February 2021

Good afternoon children and families,

It is not long now until we will all be back together and enjoy seeing each other in person. I know I have missed hearing the children around school and know that the sound of silence is a long and distant memories for your families. I wanted to say thank you to you all for showing such strong character during the time school was open to a reduced number of pupils, spending such a long time cooped up in a house can be very testing. I know I appear to be getting on my son Benjamin’s last nerve…who would have thought!

From March 8th we will be gladly opening our school doors and welcoming the children back and I am sure parents and families will be skipping their way back to a peaceful house after dropping their children off. The head teachers will contact you with the finer details about reopening when we get the information from the government. All children were in school before the Christmas break and we had procedures to mitigate the Covid risk, so I am confident we can manage the virus with the same rigour upon reopening to all pupils. Our children need to be back with their friends, school staff and classmates so they can feel part of the community again.

Valour schools have focused on making children feel safe, happy and loved and this will remain our goal when they all return to us. If you have information you wish to share in confidence about your Covid lockdown experience we are all hear to listen. My experience has been at times frustrating, energy sapping and patience wearing. My son is 19 so his home schooling has been easy for me, all I have had to do is nag. I am good at nagging. I have huge respect for parents and families who have had to do more than nag- it is a tough ask to get tired children to focus. We know you have done all you can and for that I say thank you. You have kept your children safe, you have made it through the remote schooling period, you are in the home straight, the end is in sight. So my challenge to parents and families is try to enjoy these next 2 weeks with your children. Find time in your day to chat with them and share a giggle. Be silly, go dance in the rain, make happy memories. Take a day off from nagging and just enjoy the gift that are your children.

My challenge is to not roll my eyes at Benjamin and to be more discreet when I am counting to 10 in my head.

Keep safe everyone, we will see you all very soon and children….tidy your room!

Kindest regards

Dame Nicola Stephenson CEO Valour academies.