14/01 - Letter Update

14th January 2021
14th January 2021
Dear Families,
I hope you are all well and slowly adjusting to this way of working. We are all missing the children so much but know that these restrictions are necessary if we are to quickly get back to normality.
Thank you all so much for your support and understanding, especially as we are bound by these restrictions and strict government guidance around schools. As a working parent who is also struggling with home schooling on my non-school based days, I want to thank you all. I appreciate how challenging it is (I am definitely not trained in delivering the year 9 curriculum) We can only do our best to juggle all of these new tasks and expectations being put upon us. A special thank you to those critical workers who are keeping their children at home with them as we have all been asked to do. This is not easy and we appreciate you helping us to minimise social contact. As Matt Hancock stated ‘ all those children who can be at home , should be at home’
I am so proud of our incredible staff team who once again have had to adapt to a completely different way of working at the drop of a hat. They are working tirelessly to make this work and provide our children with remote learning opportunities that are closely aligned to the curriculum that would be offered under normal circumstances. Dame Stephenson and I want to thank them for their efforts and particularly for the videos they have been uploading. This is definitely not an expectation but they want to engage with your children in this way.
We are so thankful that Dojo is back up and running as this is an invaluable communication tool and a great way for children to showcase their learning and teachers to assess and provide feedback. If you are yet to sign up, please see details on our school website.
I hope that the next time I write we are looking at a more positive picture locally, nationally and globally. Until then, stay safe and take care.
With love and best wishes
Mrs. A. Oliver
Head Teacher