Rob from the WE movement came to do an assembly with the whole school.  The assembly was very inspirational and made us all think about how we can change the world no matter how old we are.  Adam McMillan, Year 6 School Councillor said: “I thought it was heart warming because now I know that I can do something to help event though I’m only 10 years old.” 

When the assembly finished, just the School Councillors played fun games with Rob.  The last game we played was when we had to choose between water and a hospital for people in Africa.  This game was very hard as we have both of those things and are not used to having none, so it was difficult to choose.  After the games we had to draw a person and think about how to keep him healthy.  We had to decide in our groups on charities we would like to help and how we could do this.  At the end of the workshop, Jacob Pouton, Year 6 School Councillor, said:  “No matter how old you are, you can still change the world.”

By Rosalind Langan