Snapchat - Map

17th July 2017
The school has been approached about the social media app Snapchat. This site now allows very personal information of people’s whereabouts to be shared. This is automatically updated and you are already on the maps unless you go into your settings and select ghost mode. This hides you from the map and no one can see your location. Furthermore your child will also be able to access “stories” posted by anyone who chooses to make their story public. These glow yellow on their maps but their story could be read by your child. This is on snapchat regardless of your mode.
If your child has a mobile device and is using this site our advice is to ensure that the app is in ghost mode and to monitor at all times your child’s internet and social media usage. Please remember that social media sites are for children of 13 years and older and that primary aged children should not be navigating the internet without strong safe practices, including sharing their device use with their parents.