5th May 2017

We have been on the final countdown to year 6 SATs this week. The children have all been working incredibly hard and deserve to do well next week. If your child is in year 6 we would like to invite them to a special breakfast club in their classroom next week. They should enter via the main school office. Even if your child does not currently attend breakfast club, we would encourage you to send them along. They don’t have to eat but we find that having time to interact with their peers before the tests get underway is beneficial in relaxing the children. The children should have a nice early night on Sunday and lots of sleep throughout the week. You will notice that SAT week can be quite tiring. It is important that the children are in school on time and every day. SATs  must be taken across the country on the same day and every child in the cohort must take their test at the same time. If a child does not take a test, they will go down as a no score.

 Year 2 will be taking their SATs during the last two weeks of May.