Pupil Premium

2014-15 Our allocation of pupil premium was £ 81,000


Walbottle Village Primary school receives funding to ' narrow the gap' between different groups of children.

 In 2014-15 we received £81,000 to focus on raising the attainment of our looked after, services and free school meal pupils. We spent this money on providing 1 to 1 support to children, as well as funding educational visits out and visitors into school to enhance our creative curriculum. We provide a free breakfast club for all of our pupils. We also used some of the money alongside our PE grant to further enhance our extra curricular provision.

 We also ran booster classes for a range of children of all ages and ability.

This resulted in all groups of children gaining at least a level 4 in year 6.

The ' gap' between groups of children in our school has been closed. Every child succeeds in Walbottle Village primary school.


For the school year 2015-16 this money will once again be spent on 1 to 1 lessons for children before and after school, in addition to booster lessons for all age ranges and abilities. We will continue to offer a broad and balanced curriculum with a range of educational activities to enhance the learning opportunities for our pupils, through visits out and visitors into school too.I know our children will all thrive this year too.

Dame Nelson-Taylor   National Leader of Education Executive Headteacher