Forest School Club

Hello and welcome to the Forest School Club gallery.

Forest School is a unique educational experience that offers children the opportunity to succeed and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in an outdoor environment. At Forest School children take part in motivating and achievable tasks and activities such as working with tools, engage in purposeful play, learn boundaries of behaviour; both physical and social; grow in confidence, self-esteem and motivation, whilst developing an understanding of the natural world.


Over the Autumn and Spring Term a group of children from Year 4 have join Miss Metcalf once a week in our on-site woodland area to enjoy a fun forest experience involving bush crafts, camp fire lighting, games and activities.

Take a look at the wonderful things the children have enjoyed being part of.


Look at our Forest 'LOVE' Art. We used some of the natural materials we found on a scavenger hunt along with foraged natural materials to represent the things we love in life. We used our creative spirits to make a picture framed by sticks that we'd found in the forest. Before the end of the session we went on a Forest Art Gallery trail to look at what our friends had created in the woodland area. We had lots of fun and loved our pictures!!
Today we built our own den to protect the 'small village people' whose homes were destroyed by a dragon.
We used different methods and materials to build our dens followed by a den tour.
It is tree decorating week and Christmas is close by so we made some Christmas themed bunting for our Nature Garden. By rubbing loose natural materials onto cotton we made lovely patterns and pictures.  
The start of a New Year brings new dreams and wishes. We decided to make a wishing star to symbolise our wishes for this year. After gathering sticks of a similar length and binding them together we used jazzy ribbon to personalise our star to hang as a decoration in our bedroom. We are not going to pretend this task was easy as we did face lots of fiddly challenges but we managed to motivate each other and help out to finish on a high.
Today at Forest School Club Miss Metcalf taught us how to build the foundations of a camp fire. We used flint and steel with determination and patience to create a spark big enough to light the tinder. Even though the temperature outdoors was close to freezing we all had great fun and couldn't wait to tell our friends and family about our success!!
We had another brilliant time at Forest School Club as we had more opportunities to practice our camp fire lighting skills. To celebrate we toasted marshmallows on our crackling fire!
This week we had a huge clean up in our Nature Garden when we can across a large piece of tree branch. We decided to use the branch for fire wood for our next camp fire. It was a great opportunity to learn how to use a bow saw safely to cut the branch into logs. There was enough tree branch to saw off a token piece of wood to remember our hard work. We decorated our token piece of branch using felt tips to make it a personal keepsake.
Today we were excited to bake bananas on the camp fire. Raring to go we worked together to remember the campfire rules and build a the fire triangle. Searching the forest floor we gather twigs and sticks for fuel. Watching with excitement we observed the cotton wool and small twigs catch light until the wind swept in and blew out the light. We tried and hoped again and again but the battle against the wind was too tough. Not being unbeaten we decided we would try again in our next session. To celebrate hope and effort we ate our unbaked bananas!
The moral is don't give up because tomorrow is a new day to try again!
Today we ventured down to the Nature Garden to practice our 'bow sawing' skills. Some of us were a little nervous but after a recap of the 'tool talk' we felt confident to saw away at a lovely piece of branch we found in the forest. Working together as a team to encourage and lift confidence we used the saw to saw off a segment of tree branch each to make a special token to give someone special to us. The sun shone all session making the experience even more enjoyable.
  • Miss Rachel Metcalf